Floral Design Fair

Floricultural industry is booming in Middle East and consumers in Middle East are becoming more and more enamoured with fresh flowers and ornamental plants. Bu this love affair has just begun!
Floral Design Fair will demonstrate the potential of the Middle East market for international growers and attract all the attention to the floriculture sector in the region. As European market gets more saturated, innovative growers with their outstanding products are looking to expand their business more and more to markets beyond Europe where there is still significant amount of untapped potential.

Why You Should Participate

FLORAL DESIGN FAIR | 27-29 February 2020 / Why You Should Participate

As Middle East market continues to boom in floricultural industry, many international growers stil have not been able to fully get in touch with the consumers and buyers in this highly profitable market.

This first fresh flower and ornamental plant fair in Turkey in Istanbul, at the heart of Middle East, will give you an opportunity to experience firsthand the habits and preferences of Middle East consumers whilst bringing you in touch with the most important buyers in the region.

Why you should participate:

  • The first and only fair in Turkey specifically for cut flowers and ornamental plant growers
  • The opportunity to exhibit with many important international growers
  • To follow industry trends and learn about new technological developments in production
  • To expand your market to include more Middle East buyers
  • To determine which of your products are most suitable for this market
  • To identify new opportunities in Middle East
  • To ascertain the habits and preferences of Middle East consumers from different segments
  • To expand your business network in Middle East region
  • To make connections with buyers which will lead future business for your company
  • To receive orders from new buyers
  • To observe and learn from your competitors to improve your company’s position in the market place
  • To promote your brand and increase the awareness and visibility for your brand
  • To enjoy some quality time with your fellow industry members at special events such as opening night gala
  • To experience Istanbul, one of the most spectacular cities in Middle East and a melting of many cultures and civilizations throughout history through special programmes arranged for exhibitors which will give you the chance to see world famous Bosphorus and historic monuments such as Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar and Blue Mosque