Floral Design Fair

Floricultural industry is booming in Middle East and consumers in Middle East are becoming more and more enamoured with fresh flowers and ornamental plants. Bu this love affair has just begun!
Floral Design Fair will demonstrate the potential of the Middle East market for international growers and attract all the attention to the floriculture sector in the region. As European market gets more saturated, innovative growers with their outstanding products are looking to expand their business more and more to markets beyond Europe where there is still significant amount of untapped potential.

Why You Should Visit

Fresh flowers and plants are experiential products. Yes, it is very easy to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of flowers and ornamental plants through social media but in order to fully appreciate the beauty and aesthetics of these precious , you need to see them with your own eyes, smell them and touch them with your own hands .

FDF 2020 Istanbul gives you the best chance to have this sensational experience and the chance to be inspired by the world of fresh amazing flowers.

Prepare all your senses to be enchanted…

Why you should visit:

  • Follow new trends in floriculture
  • The opportunity to meet international growers and major suppliers
  • A diverse selection of flowers and plants from all over the world
  • Workshops, seminars, shows and various other activities for visitors
  • Social media special contests with special awards
  • Breathtaking and inspiring ambiance created by fresh flowers and ornamental plants
  • As a buyer, you will have an amazing opportunity to meet many international growers and experience their products firsthand